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Kanryo Higaonna was ambushed

(Kanryo Higaonna sits in the center with his grand daughter.)


Kanryo Higaonna was ambushed

By Shoshin Nagamine

(Translated by Sanzinsoo)

Remarks: This is a small part of the article. The original Japanese title "Nafadii Chuko No So, Kengo Higaonna Kanryo" (= Kanryo Higaonna, the karate expert, who revived Naha-Te or Naha style karate) The article appeared in the monthly magazine "Aoi Umi" February 1978 issue (No.70) published by Aoi Umi Shuppansha (page 113).

One night when Kanryo Higaonna was about 50 years old, he enjoyed drinking Sake at the bar in Tsuji, Naha, Okinawa.  When he was about to return home, the owner of the bar ordered a servant to go with Kanryo with a lantern.  Streets in Tsuji were very dark and dangerous especially late at night.

When Kanryo and the servant came to Maeno Momichi street from Kushimichi avenue, two or three young men stood in their way. They seemed to whisper each other. Suddenly they stopped whispering. As soon as the big guy shouted "You must be Higaonna, the karate expert!", he kicked the lantern and punched Kanryo in the stomach. Kanryo stepped back and hit the wrist bone of the big guy with his right forearm at lightning speed. The big young man groaned and ran away with the other men into the theater in Hatamichi.

The name of the big man who ambushed Kanryo Higaonna is Kanta Sakuma. They say that he was as strong  as Motobu Saaru (= Choki Motobu), who was said to be the strongest street fighter back then.  He ran away because he had a severe pain in his arm hit by Kanryo.

I heard the above story directly from Mr. Iha of Aji Tanme who resided in Tomari. He was a leader of the theatrical company back then.

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Gekisai Ni - slow version 撃砕二


Gekisai Ni (=Two) form - slow version

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Kama (= Pair of Sickles) 鎌

Kama (= Pair of Sickles)

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Prearranged Kumite No.4

 Prearranged Kumite No.4 (also known as "Jo Chu Ge")