Monday, September 26, 2016

No ninja in Osaka Castle now

Sorry but in fact no ninja in Osaka Castle now. The building behind me is a part of Osaka Castle. It is a turret called "Rokuban Yagura" in Japanese. Unfortunately you cannot see the castle tower in the video, so I added the photo.
The tower or the main building of Osaka Castle

Junbi Undo (Part 2)

Junbi Undo (Part 2)

Junbi Undo (Part 1)

"Junbi Undo" or "Yobi Undo" means Preparatory Exercises.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Boompsy’s Free Goa Trance Party at Suminoe Peace

Mr. Boompsy held a 50-hour free party at his club, Suminoe Peace in 
Osaka, Japan. I attended the pary both 18th and 19th September but 
only daytime. A lot of DJs played Goa trance music at the party. My 
favorite DJs are Miiiii-bou, Happy and Boompsy. I was dancing with 
cloud hands of Tai Chi in the sea of music. I became acquainted with 
Mr. Ikkyu who was almost same generation as me. I was also happy to 
shake hands with famous DJ Miiiii-bou.