Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bunkai (= Application) of Kururunfa


PHOTO No.51: Assume the opponent throw a right middle punch. You receive it with right middle block.

PHOTO No.52: Right Kake Uke (= hooking block)
PHOTO No.52: You grab your opponent’s wrist in your right hand, and twist it counterclockwise.

HOTO No.53: At the same time, you turn to right 180 degrees so that you can put the opponent’s arm on your left shoulder. The opponent is behind you.

PHOTO No.53: Your left shoulder is a fulcrum. The opponent’s right arm is a lever. You pull the opponent’s forearm downward. Making use of leverage, you can give him pain.

PHOTO No.54: Left rear elbow strike
PHOTO No.54: While you do this armbreak technique, you make a rear elbow strike with your left elbow to his solar plexus.

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