Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tai Chi Chuan and Goju-Ryu

Before I began studying Goju-ryu 25 years ago, I had learned the simplified Taichi Chuan (of Yang style 24 patterns). Even nowadays I sometimes practice Taichi Chuan besides practicing Goju-ryu Kata. To me there is almost no difference between Taichi Chuan and Goju-ryu karate.

In case of Goju-ryu, we learn from the aspect of "Go" (= hardness) and ultimately study the aspect of "Ju" (= softness). If Taichi Chuan, it is the other way around, we learn from the aspect of "Ju" and ultimately study "Go". Both different styles trys to attain the same goal, "Go" and "Ju". Like Taichi is a Chi-kung (= qi gong), Goju-ryu is also a Chi-kung. Sanchin, Tensho and Seinchin are obviously Chi-kung. Making Chi (= Ki in Japanese) flows properly is an essential element for both Taichi and Goju-ryu. Although historically and technically both of them are completely different, but I feel the common thing in them. I think if we learn Taichi, we might be able to understand "Ju" aspect of Goju-ryu more easily. I think it is vice versa for Taichi practitioners.